The website of George McManus's Vauxhall DX 14/6



My car is a 1937 Vauxhall DX 14/6. It is a very attractive car with a lot of character and even though I only purchased it in 2015, I have already had a great deal of pleasure from it and plan to drive it two to three thousand miles a year. 

I have owned a lot of other rare cars over the years, including an Alvis Speed 20, MG VA and Wolseley Hornet Sports Silex saloon, but as I now need something which is easier to get in and out of, once I heard this pre-war Vauxhall was available, I made enquiries straight away.

The car had been sitting in a barn in Bedfordshire for the previous 17 years and needed quite a lot of work doing to it, but the owner did have it MoTd every year and did drive it occasionally, so it was certainly roadworthy. More