My car -continued





I only drive the car a few hundred miles a year, but I do enjoy working on it and displaying it at shows. It had already had an extensive restoration before I purchased it, but as I like the appearance of my cars to be as they were when they left the factory, I reinstalled a number of original features which weren’t on the car. This included the single front fog light, interior grab handles and rear window blind, which was supposed to reduce the dazzle from the headlights of cars behind at night. To improve its performance, I have also installed a five speed gear box, electronic ignition, new carburettor and new fuel pump, which do all make a difference.

I particularly like the novel period features on the car, such as the opening front windscreen, the interior jack, which is located under the bonnet, the pullout armrest in the centre of the back seat, the MG emblem on everything from the dip stick to the petrol cap catch, the octagonal shaped speedometer and other displays and the front doors which have their hinges in the middle of the car and are known as "suicide" doors.

I don’t use the car at all in winter and keep it well protected, but I do look forward to the first days of spring when its time to take it on its first drive of the year. It’s like spending time again with an old friend and is always a real pleasure to drive.

The car is in very good condition and I am determined to keep it like this for as long as possible. It really evokes the spirit of driving during the golden age of motoring and that is what I like most about it.